The Science of Manifesting

Wanting the same thing for different reasons makes a world of difference.

In the acting book “Secrets from the casting couch” I learned that the question “what is at stake?” is of uttermost importance when performing a scene. This question is fulfilled by defining the size of the reason causing the motivation for an action.

Just like Shakespeare said: “All the world’s a stage… one man in his time plays many parts.” You play the part that you want in your life, the role you perform is your choice.

What we want is (by will if lucky), conscious; then our reasons provide the quality of motivation, first conscious and then if digested by the mind it turns unconscious; and the quality of our result comes from how we define “what is at stake?”

want + reason->motivation = result

If you want something, don’t just want it half ways. Choose the right reason to put “at stake”, stick to it! and make it happen!

hint: avoidance of pain, and the seeking of pleasure, are the two most common strongest human drives. Your mind belongs to you, and not vice versa.

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