The Stress Toll

If you ever touch the bottom, remember the lessons... After several months of high stress, I came to get sick with some mix of a cold, joint pain from a recent chikunguya, and low blood pressure headaches. The effects that stress can toll on you are well known, but I guess I never saw it … Continue reading The Stress Toll


How can you change your life in a tweak?

One of the deceivers to enlightenment is that we see it as something greatly remarkable , when in reality It can be perceived even in the simplest awareness, in simple observance. Not defined by money or power, but by mere awareness of the little ways we fool ourselves, and remain in lag. Some times observing … Continue reading How can you change your life in a tweak?

Tantra in everything

Without making an effort but remaining loose and natural This is Tilopa recipe to break the yoke and gain liberation. I have found these Buddhist principles useful in many things. "Do nothing with your body, but relax" he says, it doesn't particularly mean to lay down and do nothing, but anything you do can be … Continue reading Tantra in everything

Magic affirmations

I recently got a little chain of beads in a Hindu store, similar to rosary. They call it mala, and it is used for prayer.  Some yogis repeat a sentence in Sanskrit for each bead count, since I don't speak Sanskrit it seems a bit nonsense to me. Instead I worked with affirmations. Taking a few … Continue reading Magic affirmations

Stay away from that meditation cushion!

Who is this crazy scary guy?! His name is Naraen Congo, believed to be Buddha's guardian. There is an interesting metaphor mentioned by Joseph Campbell, that the gatekeeper guard holding you back from reaching Buddhahood is actually nothing but your self. Seems like the longer we spend away from meditation, the stronger the barrier to … Continue reading Stay away from that meditation cushion!


Living unaware, a wrong view of the world can last a lifetime. Ironically one instant is enough to liberate you, and hence changing radically the way you perceive and approach life. Liberation comes in a loose and natural body, it does not reside in the -cling- but rather in absolute freedom contained only by awareness. … Continue reading WAKE UP CALL TO A HAPPY LIFE!

Subtle bodies, Magic, and Mahamudra

How you judge others can become a subtle body against you, building saṃsāra. Your compassion towards others will be a subtle body in your favor, building virtue. Mahamudra nonetheless clings not to one or the other, but clings rather to a permanent devotion in the seeking, or production of light.  This is of course a … Continue reading Subtle bodies, Magic, and Mahamudra

Lighten-up yourself

Push a little further from habituation. Doing something new everyday beats habituation. Knock yourself out from mind-machinery. By practicing awareness, one builds freedom from mind-machinery. Play yourself. You must scavenger for some clue of who you are, in the least amount of words... and combine that with your honest will, in a proactive fashion kinda thing. … Continue reading Lighten-up yourself

meditation… keeping it simple.

Meditation has been mystified somewhat as a practice for very spiritual people, but the truth is, there is a very basic science to it, that everyone can benefit from, without making a bunch of ooh-meditation sort of assumptions. Simply breathing and watching your breath lowers the cortisol, the stress hormone which excess causes inflammation. It is claimed … Continue reading meditation… keeping it simple.

How the Mayan perspective changed my mind radically.

Ways of living... like passengers. They come and go. Each opposes a certain resistance to stay, but only in a time-matter. Each craving comes with less force, until  only a subtle voice remains... less often, as a suggestion to retake a habit, a vice, or a virtue in the same fashion. We are like vessels holding … Continue reading How the Mayan perspective changed my mind radically.